Repeater Rules and Etiquette


WG4RC 146.775 Offset: - 127.3 FM C4FM WiresX
KC4IRA 146.805 Offset: - 100 FM Fusion
KC4IRA 442.700 Offset: + 100 FM Fusion Echolink WG4RC-R
KC4IRA 444.075 Offset: + 100 Fusion WiresX Room WG4RC
KC4IRA 224.620 Offset: - 100
KC4IRA 927.0375 Offset: - 94.8

Gaston Radio Club Nets

The Gaston Radio Club will hold nets on our local repeaters weekly on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8:30pm EST. These nets are Directed nets followed by a Ragchew session. Please stop by and check-in with us.

DayNet TimeFrequency
Monday20:00 ESTKC4IRA 442.700 + 100 FM Fusion Echolink WG4RC-R
Wednesday20:00 ESTKC4IRA 442.700 + 100 FM Fusion Echolink WG4RC-R
Thursday20:00 ESTKA4YMZ - 224.020 - 82.5
We would also like to take the time and thank the repeater owners Scott Greene KC4IRA, and Steve Koone owner of the KA4YMZ repeater.

Just a friendly reminder about the Gaston Regional Skywarn.
Every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM they have a net on the W4BFB 145.230 repeater. During severe weather activations the Gaston Regional Skywarn uses the 145.230 for activations. Gaston Regional Spotter Skywarn was formed in April 2020 to fill in the gap or in place of the disband spotter group and Skywarn for the region. The Gaston Regional Spotter Group is a division of the Gaston Radio Club, and has the backing of Gaston County ARES. The Gaston Regional Spotter Group now has the backing of the newly appointed Gaston County ARES and AUXCOMM Emergency Coordinator.

Net Manager

Les Shank N4AGE

Net Controllers

Robert E. Wells Jr W7CSA
Andy Sheppard WA4EIS
Les Shank N4AGE
Alan Phillips KQ4FFT
Cliff Black K4JIP

Local UHF/VHF Nets

Check for any changes that have not been updated

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Net NameFrequencyOffsetToneTimeWhenLocationBackupLink
Gaston Radio Club Net442.700+10020:00Monday and WednesdayGaston County NCEchoLink WG4RC-R
Gaston Radio Club 220 Net224.020-82.520:00ThursdayDallas146.505
Gaston Regional Skywarn145.230-118.819:30TuesdayGaston County NC442.700
Gaston Regional Skywarn444.075+10020:00SaturdayCatawba County442.700
Gaston Regional Skywarn442.700+10020:00SundayGaston County 
GCARS 440 Net444.550+10020:00TuesdaySpencer Mtn. 
GCARS 220 Net224.860- 20:00TuesdaySpencer Mtn. 
GCARS 2 Meter Net147.120+10020:30TuesdaySpencer Mtn. 
GCARS Trader's Net147.120+10020:30TuesdaySpencer Mtn. 
Hoodlum 10 Meter Net28.340 USB  22:00SaturdayRock Hill SC 
YCARS 2 Meter Simplex Net146.580  21:002nd Friday of MonthYork County SC 
York Co. Amateur Radio Society147.030-88.520:30NightlyRock Hill SC 
York County Ares147.225+110.919:30MondayRock Hill SC 
Hoodlum 2 Meter Net147.180+ 20:00TuesdayYork County SC 
SARC Net146.880- 20:30Monday and FridayShelby NC 
SARC D-Star Net145.080+1.4mhz REF54C 21:00FridayShelby NC 
Metrolina 2 Meter Emergency146.940-118.821:00NightlySpencer Mtn.145.230
NC Evening Net145.370-94.821:30NightlyN. Wilkesboro 
Doughnut Net145.170-88.520:30MondayAnderson Mtn. 
Iredell Co. Ares/Races146.685-7719:30MondayIredell Co. 
Jabbernet224.400- 19:30TuesdayCharlotte146.940
Lincoln Co. Volunteer Comm.147.015+141.319:30TuesdayLincolnton 
East Coast IRLP Net443.250+136.520:00TuesdayChina Grove 
Pineboard Ragchew Net145.410-136.520:45TuesdayChina Grove 
Mecklenburg Co. Ares146.940-118.821:15WednesdayCharlotte 
Mt Mitchell Preppers Net145.190- 20:30WednesdayMt. Mitchell 
Iredell Co. Amateur Radio Society146.685-7721:00WednesdayIredell Co. 
Swap Net145.190- 20:30ThursdayMt. Mitchell 
Mt Mitchell ARES Net145.190- 20:00SaturdayMt. Mitchell 
Forest City Net145.190- 19:00SaturdayMt. Mitchell 
6600 Net145.190- 21:00SaturdayMt. Mitchell 
China Grove Net145.410-136.520:30SaturdayChina Grove 
Dixie Pirates Net145.410-136.521:00SaturdayChina Grove 
Piedmont Simplex Net147.505  20:30SundayHarrisburg147.525
North Carolina ARES Net3.923 LSB  19:30DailyNorth Carolina 
North Carolina SSB Net3.938 LSB  19:30DailyNorth Carolina 
South Carolina Emergency Net3.915 LSB  19:00DailySouth Carolina 
6 Meter Net50.250 USB  21:00TuesdayLexington SC 
Mount Mitchell 220 Net224.540- 20:00MondayMount Mitchell 
Mt Mitchell 6m Rag Chew Net50.130 USB  21:00FridayWestern North Carolina 
CCARS147.045+127.321:002nd-Last MondayCleveland County NC 
CCARS Simplex Net147.505Simplex 21:00First Monday of MonthCleveland County NC